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ASAQS Wits Chapter

ASAQS Wits Chapter

ASAQS Wits Chapter

Oct. 10, 2022, 10:27 a.m.

Recently, our Director and Founder Ms Tryfina Kgokong was invited to speak at the ASAQS Witwatersrand Student Chapter about Developments, Sustainability in the Construction Industry on enterprises, tips and struggles of starting up enterprises soon after graduating. Here is her counsel on how to rise above the impediments


Tryfina’s career focus has been on the built environment since the commencement of her studies, which started with a BSc in building science and went on to include an honours degree in quantity surveying and an MBA. She started working in quantity surveying in 2007, working in Cape Town and Johannesburg before being head-hunted by a Dubai-based firm. During her five years in the UAE, she had the privilege of working on several high-profile projects in and around the United Arab Emirates


 In 2017 she decided to return to South Africa, where she took a six-month sabbatical to recentre herself and decide what she wanted to do next. She spent some time working for a multi-disciplinary company and enrolled in a life coaching programme in 2019 while she thought about her future. Being something of an eternal student, she not only received coaching but became a certified life coach and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner.


So where does one begin to recentre their lives? To try and find a fulfilling life.  Tryfina advised the students that it is with having the ‘end’ in mind. Knowing your “why” and writing down all your dreams. There is no point in living a life without purpose.


Our Coach Zoe as she’s known in her coaching practice went on to elaborate that there is no overnight success, that patience and trusting the process is number one tool. Success is relatively based on what your values are. Sharing her very own values which are represented on the Triumphant Zoe company logo:

  1. The Eagle represents being visionary and discerning
  2. The Face of a Human represents being real and authentic
  3. The Lion represents courage and bravery
  4. The Bull representing tenacity and servant-leadership


Building a relationship with a mentor who has arrived where you want to be to give you a blueprint or a coach to guide you along the way to avoid blind spots can help accelerate your journey positively


Services we offer:

  1. Personality Assessment
  2. Breathing and Anchoring
  3. Wheel of Life
  4. New Behavior Generator
  5. Self-alignment
  6. Value Test
  7. Changing Test
  8. Strength Test
  9. Development Plan, Overcoming past trauma, Letting go of toxic emotions, Discover your Leadership style
  10. Goal Setting
  11. EQ Assessment
  12. Getting unstuck


Give us a call at +27 64 274 9886 and speak to a professional Coach, or book a session at: