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Entrepreneur Focus - Avela Mehlomakhulu

Entrepreneur Focus - Avela Mehlomakhulu

Entrepreneur Focus - Avela Mehlomakhulu
June 17, 2022, 2:04 p.m.

Entrepreneurs are the people who bring innovation to the world. They have a vision; a goal 

This section is about entrepreneurs and how their contribution has made an impact on society.

The spotlight is on entrepreneurs. The courageous risk-takers who are determined to pursue their dreams, no matter what the cost.


Meet Avela Mehlomakhulu proud owner of Avethandwa Projects and Cleaning Services.


   1. Tell us about yourself? 

     I am Avela Mehlomakhulu and my company provides Cleaning and Hygiene Services. 

We are a hygiene and cleaning service business. We provide day-to-day contractual cleaning. We provide high-quality service and cleaning products. We have been operating since 2015. Our clients are in the public sector and private sector. Our references speak for themselves. Our service is the best with highly trained cleaning agents. We go all out for all our clients in the service we provide and add value. We also provide Valet services (cleaning of trucks). Cleaning is our purpose and we pride ourselves with the work we do. Deep cleaning, upholstery and carpet, industrial, commercial, residential, fumigation, and disinfection.


  1. What is the name of your business? 

Avethandwa Projects and Cleaning Services


  1. What services do you offer?

 Professional, Industrial Cleaning and Hygiene Services/Carwash Services


  1. What drives and motivates you in business?

What drives me is the passion I have for this industry of cleaning and I'm motivated by employing people, making a difference in their lives and closing deals.


  1. What sets you apart from other entrepreneurs in your line of work?

The value we provide, the accreditation we have, the skills and development we provide for our staff, the equipment we use and our price model.


  1. How can people find you?

 Number: 0823638231




  1. Where are you based? Where do you operate?

  We are based in Gauteng, Western Cape, KZN.


     8. Do you have a quote that you live by?

The best is yet to come.


    9. Do you have any challenges in your line of work? How do you work around that?

Yes, our challenges are access to the market. We work around it by marketing our business to bring up sales. We overcome by looking for opportunities.