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At Triumphant Zoe Pty Ltd (Property). Whether you're planning a residential or commercial development, a shopping mall, a mixed use project, a hotel project, a water treatment plant, or an airport, we can make it a reality.

We believe in removing limitations out of the equation and exceeding your expectations by providing a service that is of a high calibre of quality, that is cost effective as well as delivering results timely.

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Triumphant Zoe Property Development

About Us | Triumphant Zoe Property

Our goal is to eliminate restrictions from the equation and exceed your expectations by providing a service that meets the highest quality standards while still being cost-effective and efficient.

Triumphant Zoe Property Development

Triumphant Zoe (Pty) Ltd aims to be the leading and a preffered Quantity Surveying service provider in South Africa as a whole.

Triumphant Zoe Property Development

We endeavor to make a difference in the world by providing quantity surveying solutions to enhance the lifestyles of communities.

Triumphant Zoe Property Development

Our values are focused on being visionary, discerning, courageous, brave, authentic and real in a spirit of tenacity and servant leadership.

Our Services

As a Quantity Surveying Consulting firm, Triumphant Zoe (Pty) Ltd has extensive experience. The Founder and CEO of the firm is a SACQSP and MRICS Quantity Surveyor. Her experience in property development spans over 14 years. During her career, she has completed several projects in the field of property development.
Property Development

With our assistance, our clients can enhance the value of their buildings/properties or land.

Property Investment

We also work with clients investing in real estate in order to earn a profit in the future.

Project Management

We assist clients in initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and managing their team's activities.

Quantity Surveying

From feasibility studies to cost management, we perform all Quantity Surveying activities on your project.

Tryfina Kgokong, PrQS, MBA, MRICS - Founder of Triumphant Zoe | Property

Tryfina is anything but ordinary, and the first move on her journey to prosperity was when, after completing her BSC in Construction, she went on to complete an Honours degree in Quantity Surveying at the University of Cape Town, where she registered as a professional Quantity Surveyor with SACQSP in 2010 and MRICS in 2012.

Triumphant Zoe (Pty) Ltd - Quantity Surveying Consulting company.

Triumphant Zoe (Pty) Ltd was established by Tryfina Kgokong (Founder & CEO) in 2019. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified - We value quality assurance and quality control and believe in company systems that are compliant to global best practices and our commitment is evident in our certification with ISO 9001:2015

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property development

More Services Offered

Over 14 years of working experience, Triumphant Zoe has completed projects in property development, project management, feasibility studies, cost planning & estimates, procurement, cost management, contractual control, refurbishment, value engineering and project co-

  • Feasibility studies - to assess whether a project is viable or not
  • Cost management - to manage variations, risks and control costs
  • Cost planning and estimates - to provide budgets during design development
  • Contractual control - to advice on and administer the appropriate type of
  • Procurement - to prepare and adjudicate tenders, bills of quantities and
  • Value engineering - to advice on the best design that offers value for money

Quantity Surveying

We offer specialized and affordable Quantity Surveying services that are within specified industry norms and meet clients budgets

Project Management

To initiate, plan, execute, control and close the work of a team to achieve specific project goals during the entire life cycle of a project.

We carefully balance project deliverables within the specified (1) Cost, (2) Time and (3) Quality range for efficient project execution

Property Development

To develop buildings or land into a higher use value, to help improve the lives of communities and our economy thoroughly.

Align with clients investment criteria by identifying opportunities and maximizing viability returns.

property development
triumphant zoe property development

Our Strategy

Our differentiating factors is what makes us stand out from the competition and what makes Triumphant Zoe Property the “go to” Quantity Surveying company in South Africa.

  • We can assist in making your building green compliant
  • We use up to date technology in saving you time, money and improved efficiency
  • Our services are encapsulated in such a way to provide a ‘go-to-service’
  • Highly qualified and skilled professionals with 14+ years experience
  • Experience with international projects leading to diversity and compliance in other countries
  • Pro-active problem solving


To complete all quantity surveying services from stage 1 to stage of project execution.

To initiate, plan, execute, control and close the work of a team to achieve specific project goals during the entire life cycle of a project.

To develop buildings or land into a higher use value, to help improve the lives of communities and our economy through property development.

property development company south africa
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Triumphant Zoe Property|Coaching Division

At Triumphant Zoe (Pty) Ltd, we combine out depth of experience with the stretch of our diversity to provide the client with a truly unique, yet efficient service and solutions. We are in the ideal position to directly implement unique value engineering alternatives and propose advanced cost saving initiatives to our clients.


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